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professional resume, cover letter and follow up email after interview

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You are on your way to a customized resume. Other customized services include mock interviews, cover letters, and more! I am excited to work with you!

Professional Resume Writing

When I graduated from college, the school I attended did not provide training on how to write a resume, that would get noticed by an employer.

The advisors directed students to the career center to copy a resume from a book that "looked good". That was it! No practical "real world" information. Most colleges and universities do not teach how to properly write a resume, and why different formats and keywords are needed to attract an interview.

I am here to help you! Do not go on an interview yet!

Read more about me below.

Job coach and resume expert 2023

Job coaches are here to help you prepare for a job.

This includes a professional resume, and cover letter written for you, providing a practice interview, and customized business letters. These letters include a job inquiry letter, thank you email after an interview, a follow-up letter, and a letter of resignation. More letters and documents are available upon request.

Having a degree (or not) does not guarantee a job. A noticeable resume that is written the right way, and a great interview (see below) will help!

With over 25 years of interviews and job preparation experience, we have collected what employers are looking for on a resume that leads to employment.

Professional resume template, Job search tips
Cover letter template, cv vs resume, thank you email after interview, simple resume format

Just The Facts

There is no question, that having a properly formatted resume with keywords, will attract employers.

From our consultation, your job goals and objectives will be included in your resume and cover letter.

Don't get your resume rejected!

Apply to jobs online with a resume that will get noticed by employers.

Watch this short video to learn why you need an ATS-friendly resume.

Sample Resume and Cover Letters

What people are saying

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Thank you! The cover letter was something that I overlooked in the process. Very simple. Love it!

— Alba B

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Hanna helped me with job interviewing skills that made a difference in the hour interview.

— Janice P

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I thought she was tough at first, but now I understand more about eye contact and follow up skills

— Ryan W

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Relaxing before the interview and taking my resume and cover letter with me help navigate the interview.

_ Tamara H

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The mock interview practice was most helpful! Thanks

— Amir J

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I received compliments on my resume. I got a second interview. Thanks!

— Daniel Z

Frequently Asked Questions

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed the purchase you'll be able to log in to your coaching account and can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment from there.

Do you guarantee a job?

I can not guarantee a job, as I am not aware of where you are interviewing. I am here to assist you with the process leading toward a job.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are issued if the session did not occur. I want to make sure that all clients are happy and need to determine on a case-by-case basis the eligibility of refunds.

Coaching Services and Rates

Resume Writing, Cover Letter, Professional Letters, Mock Interview

Resume Writing


- 1 custom resume or rewrite your current resume

- 2 resume file formats (.pdf and .doc)

- 20-minute consultation to review your employment goals to customize your resume

- Keyword research to help your resume get noticed 

- One revision or edit request after resume rewrite delivery

Delivery Time: 24 to 72 hours

short cover letter sample cover letter writer for hire

Resume and Cover Letter Bundle


- 1 customized cover letter

- 1 customized resume rewrite

- 20-minute consultation to customize documents

- Keyword research to help your resume and cover letter get noticed by employers

- One revision or edit request after resume and cover letter delivery

*BONUS: What To Ask On An Interview Guide and Form

This guide includes questions to ask, space to capture responses, notes, and overall interview tips. Asking questions will show the employer that you are interested in the position.

Delivery Time: 24 to 48 hours

File Format: .doc and .pdf for each document

Business Letters


4 Customized Business Letters:

- Job Inquiry Letter (For seeking a job)

- Follow-up letter (Send 1 week after an interview)

- Thank you letter (Send 24 hours after an interview) 

- Letter of Resignation (Send 2 weeks before last day of employment)

- 20-minute consultation to help customize letters

- Keyword research

- One revision or edit request 

Delivery Time: 24 to 72 hours

File Format: .doc and .pdf

mock interview practice cover letter

Mock Interview



50-minute interview practice and coaching

10% off resume and cover letter bundle. A coupon code will be provided during the coaching session

What you need:

- Bring your resume and cover letter

- Professional or career-appropriate attire waist on up, for a virtual interview. Virtual ( Zoom, WebEx, etc.) is preferred to get a realistic experience. A phone interview is acceptable if virtual capabilities are not available.

Professional resume writer

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