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Express Job Prep Pack

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The Best Job Prep BONUS!

  You receive these bonuses:
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Job References Template
  • Executive Resume
  • Job Search Checklist

Letter Of Recommendation
You want to use this letter when an employer, school, or organization asks you to get a letter of recommendation for your job or internship. This letter is written for whoever is providing you with a letter of recommendation. 

Instructions:  Give this template to whoever is providing a letter for you. They will appreciate the format and "wordsmith" in the letter. They will need to enter your information and theirs. That is it! You are saving them time to write it.  They may say you are "prepared" as one of your great qualities!😉

Job References Template
When you are asked to provide references, you will be prepared.  Print out this form and document your references.  You would send an email with your references to a prospective employer or job contact.

Executive Resume
This is a great executive resume template. Why Because executive resumes are more about major accomplishments. Typically at this level, an executive usually is recommended for the position and needs their credentials "highlighted" on a resume.


The template is editable (.doc file format). You would replace your information as indicated. The red text indicates extra instructions.  Then you would delete the instructions. Easy! Make sure all your text is black.

Job Search Checklist

This is one of our fan favorites as this provides what you need to look for a job.  This checklist is a nice easy-to-use reminder when you begin your job search journey.  Print and begin using.
You will get a ZIP (3MB) file