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Ultimate Template Bundle

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Template Package Includes:

  • Job Interview Thank you Email (Letter) 
  • Entry-Level Template package
  • ATS Template package
  • Chronological Template package✨

This package was designed for the focused job seeker, you!  You can do anything when you are prepared. The letters are intended to be edited and attached to an email or copied and paste into an email.

A Chronological resume is a historical account of your experience. 

An Application Tracking System (ATS) resume is needed for applying for jobs online.  Many companies will use an applicant tracking system to narrow down resumes that closely match the qualifications that they are looking for.  This ATS resume has ATS keywords that employers are looking for.  You need to have a resume that gets noticed. Keyword content is key to getting your resume to the next level of the interview process.

Thank you Letter is important to express your gratitude to the potential employer for taking the time to interview you.  This is a great way to have employers remember who you are, with all the competition out there.

ATS Friendly Cover letter has the right keywords to get your letter noticed by employers.  This will help get your letter noticed by employers.  Employers have a few seconds, not minutes to review your qualifications.  This letter is outlined for you, just fill in your information.  Easy!

Modern Cover Letter, this letter is simple as well, with a touch of modern design. Keywords are included

💥What to ask in an interview - This is the ULTIMATE guide and form needed to have a successful interview.  Most employers will ask "Do you have any questions?"  You NEVER want to say "no".  Asking questions during an interview gives the impression that you are interested in the position.  This guide provides questions and space for you to write down the employer's response. 

What you need:

- Need software that can read .doc file

- Your time to review and make slight edits.

- Your experience to include in the document.  The keywords are baked into the documents.  You need to enter your name, place of employment, etc.  Text in BLUE and RED are text you want to change and then change the font to black.
You will get a ZIP (824KB) file